art Pranckiewicz TO BE DESTROYED

WAYS AND MEANS TO GET OUT!! – How it worked

A performative piece WAYS AND MEANS TO GET OUT!! was executed during a group art event TO BE DESTROYED at 25 Soho Square, London on 5th November 2010.

The WAYS AND MEANS TO GET OUT!! project included following elements: a wall painting incorporated 300 plastic cards (dimensions of the painting – w: 640cm, h:161cm), a portable printer, a mobile phone with a photo-camera, 3 blank sheets of paper and the wall slogan ‘Get yo pass’.

Anyone entering the room could choose one card which allowed her/him to get out of the building (there was a guard on the door collecting the cards). Once the person picked up the card the visitor name and the number was written down on the pass. All female visitors were JANE, all male visitors were JHON. The track of the visitors- the name and the number- was written down on a sheet of paper. Selected randomly visitors get opportunity to print out and stick their photo to the pass. From 300 cards 134 had been taken form the wall painting and only 36 of them returned. The rest, 98 cards, left the building and presumably they drift in Great London area.