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Pakolska – Miasto Taa’Meer Karna


The fourth project at F13 presents stencils by Pakolska, the group interested in art, design and graffiti. The members of the group are Sabahat Nawaz, Fatima Hussain and Waldemar Pranckiewicz.

Pakolska – Miasto Taa’Meer Karna
16 November  – 14 December 2008
Concept: Waldemar Pranckiewicz

Miasto Taa’Meer Karna : City Konstrukt : Shehar the Construct

Winter is here and it’s too cold to go outside. This is the reason why the paper forms of stencils went on the walls the F13. They are just simple statements. And probably this presentation doesn’t talk too much about the city, and how it is under construction. Not because we don’t try, it’s just that those works- stencils, drawings or photographs ‘about us here’ are still in a process of emergence. In this sense all this presentation is just a form of test. To see how they look together and where they can be taken next. Maybe the better title for this show would be Stencil the Construct. This presentation is about the stencils as objects. They are three dimensional forms, full of marks and layers. And I think we can approach the city in a very similar way- city as a stencil. Inhabitants can be seen as the particles of colours. We saturate urban shapes, we transform them, and we mark the space.




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