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Appropriation & Observation


Appropriation and Observation
Two ways of working with photography

Really Free School – 13 March 2011 – 6pm
The Hand and Racquet – 48 Whitcomb Street London WC2H 7HA [map]

The talk will focus on two different ways of working with photography. One is based on using existing images and creating something out of that, either by re-photographing or making collages. Works by Richard Prince and John Stezaker will be presented in connection to that practice. Other photographic strategy is based on taking images by drifting and observation. Obviously different photographic genres are based on that way of working (journalistic or street photography for example) but in regards to that type two photographers will be discussed: Robert Frank and Paul Graham.

Books/photocopies of artists’ works will be provided. Your own materials related to all 4 artists are very welcome too. You can currently see John Stezaker’s show at the Whitechapel Gallery and Paul Graham’s retrospective will be open there on 19th April (Free admission to the Whitechapel).

[Top image: Collage composed from P. Graham’s photograph (Beyond Caring series) and a found image]