art fathers

Fathers Project

The project of a group show related to the concept of the father.

Let’s try the game of characters where you have to fill the gap and it goes like “I’m most likely to be a ….. father.” I could say for example: “I’m most likely to be an introverted father”. But I can think about few more qualities. I can be a crazy father, I can be a paranoid father, and I can be a relaxed father. I can be a father with 1001 faces. There is a construct, a concept of being a father and in some similar way we can think about a concept of relation towards a father figure.
Everybody has something to say about their parents and let us show you our thoughts around the figure of the father.


• Jeremy Akerman
• Pilar de la Fuente
• Waldemar Pranckiewicz
• Oswaldo Ruiz
• Marthe Willemsen

andy warhol art

Don’t remember where I found this one:
Bob Collacello and Andy Warhol took Adolfa Hitlera for a dinner.
“Bob: Is there still pressure on you to think of your image and act a certain way?
Hitler: I don’t think of image so much anymore. I really don’t, Bob.
Bob: Well.
Hitler: Have I stopped you cold?
Andy: Well, no. It’s just that it’s interesting to be here, that’s all. This is very exciting for us.”