The second project at F13
20 August 2008 – 20 September 2008

I was watching a telly with a programme for kids about Picasso. The presenter said: ‘Father of Picasso, an art teacher, saw once his son drawing a pigeon and was so impressed that he quite art. That’s how he was proud.’

I can imagine the game of characters where you have to fill the gap and it goes like “I’m most likely to be a ….. father”.
I could say for example: “I’m most likely to be a proud father”.
But I can think about a few more qualities. I can be a crazy father, I can be a paranoid father, and I can be a relaxed father. I can be a father with 1001 faces.

The Fathers project in F13 will be in progress. The concept of being a father and relations towards him are in a constant change.


Waldemar Pranckiewicz Keyword, A4, digital print, 2008.


Jeremy Akerman, Dad, graphite and print on paper.


Fathers, F13.


Waldemar Pranckiewicz Double Dad, paint on the newspaper advert, 2008.


Pilar de la Fuente Burying and unburying my father, two C-prints.


Jeremy Akerman, Dad, graphite and print on paper.


Fathers, F13, Bromley-by-Bow, London, 2008.